1 November, 2006

Bleenks TV Shows on the Web

Posted in Entertainment, Freeware, Shows, Television, Web at 4:50 pm by johnmcdonald

If you are like me too cheap to buy the DVD Box Set and you don’t mind low quality videos. I have found a site for you http://www.bleenks.com. It is chuck full of TV shows with complete season. If you want to catch a popular show you missed on its original airtime, then this is the answer to your prayers.

So enjoy!

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1 September, 2006

A Whole lotta of Toons

Posted in Entertainment, Freeware, Shows, Television, Web, Web 2.0 at 2:48 pm by johnmcdonald

Well isn’t that a blast, to help keep the kiddies happy when what’s on the tube sucks. Very nice list hope you enjoy http://prezwho.com/watch-full-length-cartoons-online-massive-list.htm. Fall is here and I’m already getting depressed by the weather. So if you’re like me maybe this will bring a smile to your face (for the kid in all of us).