1 November, 2006

Daily Goody!

Posted in Apps, Freeware, Software, Web, Web 2.0 at 4:28 pm by johnmcdonald

Well this is a great way to start your day a freeware every morning. I don’t know if it keeps the doctor away but it keeps me happy. Everyday a new one but if the software interest you, you better be quick because it is free only for one day. So if you like trying new stuff, like me try this.


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1 September, 2006

Beta Marker: You be the judge

Posted in Freeware, Software, Web 2.0 at 11:41 am by johnmcdonald

One of my friend keeps pressing me to write on my blog. But what am I to write about. Well since I said I was going to write about freeware, I fond a new web site that helps keep track of update on beta software and you can even give your opinion about them. The software on the site are not all freeware but it will give you a chance to look a new emerging Betas. So that’s it for me. Till next time!


1 June, 2006

Major League

Posted in Freeware, Software, Tutorials, Web 2.0 at 4:17 pm by johnmcdonald

I feel like I just stepped up into the major league. I'm fairly new at this and I don't know exactly where to go and how to begin. But as in the old days I'll learn as I go. First of all this Blog is where I'm going to post my findings on the web. WEB 2.0, Freeware, Software,News. Anything that tickles my fancy. That is it fo toda, but you will here from me again.