1 November, 2006

Daily Goody!

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Well this is a great way to start your day a freeware every morning. I don’t know if it keeps the doctor away but it keeps me happy. Everyday a new one but if the software interest you, you better be quick because it is free only for one day. So if you like trying new stuff, like me try this.


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1 November, 2006

Bleenks TV Shows on the Web

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If you are like me too cheap to buy the DVD Box Set and you don’t mind low quality videos. I have found a site for you http://www.bleenks.com. It is chuck full of TV shows with complete season. If you want to catch a popular show you missed on its original airtime, then this is the answer to your prayers.

So enjoy!

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1 October, 2006

A New Kind of Search Engine

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Try this search engine it’s so cool. Pretty funny let’s just hope they are going to give her more to say and do. But theyre’up to a good start.

Ms. Dewey

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1 October, 2006


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Try this baby! Very cool easy to use. Make it your startpage. Nice icons, can be reorganised to your heart’s content. Here is the link http://www.exalead.fr. Tell them I sent you. Have a nice one!

1 September, 2006

A Whole lotta of Toons

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Well isn’t that a blast, to help keep the kiddies happy when what’s on the tube sucks. Very nice list hope you enjoy http://prezwho.com/watch-full-length-cartoons-online-massive-list.htm. Fall is here and I’m already getting depressed by the weather. So if you’re like me maybe this will bring a smile to your face (for the kid in all of us).